Perhaps a harsh way of saying that what with time, an outrageously wet early summer, world champion eating slugs and snails means that my tender seedlings were wolfed. Did the raiders appreciate my Brussel Sprouts, Kale and Purple Sprouting Broccoli, carefully sown in modules, nurtured to sturdy little seedlings, carefully planted out and netted? Judging from the leafless and lifeless stems left I’d say they did.

These slugs and snails have gourmet taste buds.

Greens are a winter staple around here, that and the leeks, a few salads and some Oriental veggies. Replacements were needed, time was running out – trying to find new work, juggling life and well the ease of internet shopping and we have an answer – plants by post.

A clearly marked cardboard box LIVE PLANTS was delivered - I had visions of opening the box and the plants leaping out at me, yelling and kicking and screaming. But no there they were sedately tucked in plastic cartons for their journey to a new life, their shoots poking out of the tops. A few drops of water to liven them up and planted the following day.

It’s a first for me, but a very practical solution. An option that is available. They are late going into the ground, they need to bulk up before winter, only time will tell if plants by post are a winner.

Let’s just hope the slugs and snails have had their gastronomic fill and have moved on to pastures new!

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44 thoughts on “Capitulation?

  1. yes, good luck claire, so sad to see those special plants reduced to stems, hope the new ones survive … we are very dry again now … they say back to El Nino with reduced rain for the summer so already watering today …. so it wont be good for the slugs and snails :)

  2. Claire, have you ever tried beer traps for the slugs? Beer in shallow bowls (or plastic traps) attracts them more than the plants and they die a happy death by drowning in the beer. Fortunately, they like cheap beer :-)

  3. Ooh. I like “wolf” used as a verb. Nice. Sorry about your tender plants though. Re composer’s comment, there’s a wonderful song called “Yucky Bugs” that says”Slugs have a special place in my heart/Because they drink beer, they’ll drink any kind of beer/And they won’t stop drinking when they start. Come on down, let’s go out and have a slug-drowning party tonight…”

  4. See? This is why these pests are named snails and slugs. If they were better behaved, they’d have gotten much better names. You’d think, by now, they’d have learned. Sorry your garden met up with a stereotypical bunch, Claire. I hope your solution works. Have you tried little signs directing them to better greens “just over there”?

    • So true, so true. I mean look at cute little kitty, or fluffy bunny, perfect examples of animal life being named properly :) Mind you Marie probably doesn’t think bunnies are too cute when they munch through her veggies !

  5. We use live plants sometimes, too…a full garden is better than no garden at all.

    It is not capitulation…. just management!

    Hope the critters don’t get you down….and that more sun is coming!

    • I’m getting to the point where ANYTHING is a go! I’ve heard of using coffee grounds but not coffee itself. I’m left thinking of “any port in a storm ” as long as it’s a coffee port ! Thanks :)

  6. I’m hoping along with you Claire! And hoping those slugs and snails didn’t decide to winter over because the food in your parts was Especially good this year…or worse that they’ve decided to just settle in, raise a large family and Stay! (maybe you could convince the mice to eat slugs instead of your beautiful pea seeds?)

    • Now wouldn’t that be a perfect scenario – slug eating mice!! Actually no, I’ll just settle for more toads as they are wonderful creatures and go straight to the top of the class – they eat snails :)


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