57 thoughts on “Blue Sky Thinking

    • Thanks to you and Alice I’m corrected – for some reason my head was somewhere else and I labelled it as a Delphinium. DOH ! I got two plants as seedlings from a friend a few years ago, chucked them in the ground with not much thought, and here we are several years later and it’s still bloomin’. So no I don’t have a clue as to it’s name – maybe we should christen it Angel Face :)

    • I’ve never been to HK but I do remember friends living or visiting there and saying the same thing. So I’ll just have to take lots of photos this week as the sun is forecasted to shine all week. Safe and happy travels BAM!

    • Hi Nia, it’s an expression used in many workplaces – kind of thinking outside of where you are, thinking in the open instead of looking inwards. The expression can also mean being a bit idealistic and the ideas are not always good! But I like the idea of a big blue sky opening up in front of me, it means lots of space and light and colour!


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