Ooooph and a Hooray!!

Or maybe more the polite way to express myself is “and breathe one, two three” .

A busy weekend and a few days at home and I’m pooped! I’m not used to this living the high life – parties, booze, pub grub, big breakfasts, lots of chat and silly games. Lovely. Quiet moments watching village cricket. Noisy moments when you go into Manchester to buy party clothes that you forgot or should I say left behind, nearly 300 miles away at home in the study.

Well Dressing in Derbyshire

In case you are wondering what a well dressing is, here’s a link for some basic information.

A few days at home with my brother, more chat and pub grub, breezy coastal walks, trips to the allotment to pick food for our meals (no gardening!), cooking up feasts alongside visits to art galleries. And a few quiet moments to gaze out to sea.

Then out and about to watch the Olympic Torch Relay when it came to Hastings and St Leonards. Crowds and crowds of cheering people lined the route.

A carnival atmosphere. Flags waved, whistles blown, balloons flown. Lots of fun and laughter.

And I realise I have LOTS of blogs to catch up on – I need to see what’s happening in your gardens, kitchens and lives. And then I need to catch up on my own blog - all the lovely comments to reply to, posts to write - including the garlic caption winner and the Olympic Park. I need to be a busy bee.

But just for now, it’s all quiet, lovely and peaceful. Aahhhh and breathe….. and then it will be time to get on my knees and weed!

And the Hooray ? Well the best news of the week, to a gardener anyway, are the reports that maybe, just maybe we will see some sun and feel some warmth very soon. Put it this way I haven’t watered the vegetable plants on the allotment this year at all. When I plant them out I give them a good water and that has been it. So a collective PLEASE to warmer weather! BBC weather article

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53 thoughts on “Ooooph and a Hooray!!

  1. Sounds like it was a fantastic weekend – can´t believe you forgot your party gear! Being away for even a few days means a lot of blog catching up doesn´t it? Fingers crossed for good weather and I do hope you had a 99 or a Mivvi (do they still make those) from the ice cream van :)

    • Hope, I certainly do, I’m fed up of seeing grey skies! I just looked back at some of my posts from last year – we are well and truly behind, no beans, courgettes, tomatoes and I’d even started drying peas for seed saving (we’ve only just started eating them this year).
      Right, enough of that, back on the wishfull thinking, sorry that should be hope!!

  2. Here in Pennsylvania we would love to have some of your rain. Our (usually) wonderful corn crops are in dire danger this year. Nearly 100 degrees for many days and no rain. This is so unusual for us! So, please… take a deep breath and blow some rain in our direction :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

    • I’ve been hearing about how hot and dry it is in the States, I hope you get some slightly cooler weather soon to give you a break and for the farmers, I think farming has to be one of the toughest occupations ever – no predicting the weather for starters!

  3. Oh, Claire! I, too, once left behind a stack of clothes — shirts — and spent my first morning of vacation shopping for replacements. Hardly the beginning I had in mind, as I’m sure you can attest. Still, it sounds like you enjoyed your time away and, in the long run, that’s all that really matters. Welcome home!

  4. I feel so sorry for you doing all that partying etc. (not)

    After almost a month of temps from the high 80s to 102 deg F and being trapped in a house with the A/C running full blast, it would be nice to just go outside and enjoy a cooling breeze. I’m watching the weeds in the back (and the front where the world can see them) growing to beat the band and shrugging fatalistically. Tomorrow … or next week is plenty of time to get to them. :)

    • It’s a tough jobm but someone has to do it :)
      and as you say there is always tomorrow for weeds – in fact that’s what I have planned, a morning of weeding and gardening. I’m hoping for some bright weather

  5. Oh yes! I do hope for warmer weather…it seems to me the whole world is hoping for you, considering the amount of news reporting we’re getting on the Olympics and concerns about the weather impacting certain events! I’m glad you saw the torch. I was able to see an Olympic relay once, and hope I can find that picture in my stacks sometime. Glad you’re home and recovering from a wonderful time, Claire. It must have been wonderful to be with family. And thank you for the link to well dressing…I had no idea what it meant! :-) Debra

    • you know Debra It’s bound to rain during the olympics! In fact we have French friends who are positively disappointed if it doesn’t rain when they visit, they say it’s just not right! And yes they are a bit crazy :)
      It looks like it is a nice day tomorrow so I’m going to get outside and enjoy it while it’s here – would you belive it I’m still wearing fleeces and jeans, my poor plants must be shivering in the cold too ! hope you have a super week Debra!

  6. Oh what a shame to have left party clothes behind and need to buy MORE! Oh don’t you hate it when that happens!? :) Clearly though Claire you made the best, the very best of the weekend! Here’s to lots and lots of sun on your garden, to deep long breaths and to fresh breezes on your face!

    • Well the Brownies taught me well – you know the old survival tips – i.e take your credit card with you :) I could do with a few less fresh breezes, the thing is that they have been a bit too fresh recently, the upside is that a breeze is a lovely reminder that I live so close to the sea !

  7. Nice to read of your gray and cool and wet as we complain about our sun and hot and dry. How about a “cultural” exchange? Halv-sies.

  8. Isn’t it so EXCITING to see the Olympic Torchbearer run by??!! In ’84, I lived one block back from the intersection of Gallows Rd and Route 50 in Falls Church,(that’s in Virginia, btw) which just happened to be a corner where the relay made a turn. WOW..So exciting…there I was witnessing a scene on the East Coast that would replay over 3000 more miles (and at least as many corners!) enroute to L.A. on the West Coast! History in the making….so amazing!! .
    Sounds like you had fun in Manchester, too! Hey, question time….Is it correct that those who live in Manchester are called Mancurians? I heard it said once or twice on an ITV detective series called DCI Banks and always wondered about it!

    • It is exciting! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, mind you as my brother pointed out he saw a once in a lifetime event twice as he saw the torch near where he lives! Laugh – well you know we did! :) You are nearly right it’s Mancunians (an n not an r) so yes I consider myself a Mancunian, but having lived away from home for over 25 years I’m not sure it counts, besides I’ve never had the accent, although I can do a very good impression :) I’m impressed you watch a programme that has accents as I know some people can struggle with them!

    • Gazing at the sea together would be fun! But right now we’d have to wrap up warm. No matter the weather the sea is always fab for gazing – there is always something to see, to notice, a change of waves, different colours. Aahhh doesn’t that feel better Celia !

    • So do I :) Hopefully it will put on a wonderful spurt of growth, I noticed the first courgette flowers the other day, so things are looking up. And that reminds me I must take the camera with me!!

  9. That sounds like a good break! We haven’t had to water anything either. I’m up for the cultural weather exchange mentioned in another comment!
    Good luck with the sun and the growing! :)

  10. My fingers crossed too for a sunny days… It seems that you had a nice vacation… Your photographs are so beautiful… and so exciting this Olympic torch. I wished to follow it or to be there… Have a nice and sunny days, Thank you dear Claire, love, nia


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