California Comes to St Leonards

The sun has come out

The ground is warming up

There is a warmth on the breeze

And I can feel the sun on my back as I work in the garden

Californian Poppies photographed in St Leonards, East Sussex, May 2012

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43 thoughts on “California Comes to St Leonards

    • Hi Tanya, yes the do seem early, especially when none of the others are far from near flowering – I guess that will mean more flowers for longer :)
      And I know what you mean about Europe in Spring, a favourite time of mine too!

  1. I love California poppies! Last year I planted a beautiful mixed color variety, and they reseeded themselves and are coming up all over the garden. I think it will be a few more weeks before they start blooming here though.

    • Oh these are self seeded too! I sowed some a few years ago and now they just pop their cheery heads up every year. In fact I’ve just taken a few seedlings out and have potted them on as I’d like some in the garden too :)

  2. What beautiful poppies! I’ve orange ones but something — and I’ve no idea what it is — lays in them every Spring. The result is a mangled mess and I’m lucky to get a bloom or two. I used to think it was Max but he’s too large now to get to them. I think it’s my nemesis: The Squirrel. It’s his first attack of the Season…

  3. I love red poppies, Claire, and these are beautiful, but what we call the California poppy is a deep orange-yellow, named for “The Golden State.” Red poppies of the same shape are hard to find here and always seem to revert to the native color.

    • Hi Sharyn and thank you for filling me in on these beauties. I bought and sowed a packet of “Californian Poppies” a couple of years ago and these are the off-spring. They come in all colours from yellow and orange to reds. There is no telling which colour will emerge but the yellows and oranges seem to predominate.

  4. Beautiful! Sharyn got it quite right, of course, and California’s state flower is the orange-yellow poppy, but we have fields of wild poppies of all colors every spring. I wouldn’t have associated these beautiful flowers with a colder climate! They are so cheery aren’t they? Spring colors are just wonderful for raising my spirits. :-) Debra

  5. The nice thing about living in a place where there are definite seasons is the true appreciation we feel at beautiful pops of spring color after winters in black, white and gray. Thanks for these lovely images!

    • Thank you! It’s not obvious from the first photo is it? But I loved Joss’ description of “unfolding” just a perfect way to describe them. The intensity of the red is just that – intense :) Hope you have a great weekend

  6. Beautiful images! Your poppies are now out while ours are still taking sometime to show up. Spring has been pretty chilly here but I can hardly wait for these poppies which really make the green patch close to my home a little paradise on earth. ;-)

  7. I love those brilliant daubs of red poppies! Those flowers speak of such wild exuberant abandon! I love them, and love the way you’ve shown them unfolding!


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