Flat Ruthie Goes Skiing

I’m beginning to realise that Flat Ruthie is a bit of a girl-about-town/country/world, a true wandering spirit and now she can add thrill seeker and skier to her resume. She arrived safe and sound courtesy of Simpson Air – apparently a reputable carrier!

Have you met Flat Ruthie before? She lives over at Cardboard Me Travels, and is having a high old-time living the life in the blogosphere!

She’s joined us in the French Alps for a sojourn and wanted to come and play on the pistes. I have to say now that she wasn’t exactly equipped for skiing, so it’s just as well it was a warm sunny day on the slopes.  Besides she hitched a ride most of the way, I just hope she has a head for heights…..

Ruthie has already seen photos of our favourite coffee stop with Mt Blanc in the background and insisted we take her there. Besides the coffee is good!

It’s a couple of chairs and a ski to get there and sadly it was a bit cloudy but we could just see Mt Blanc, besides Ruthie got to enjoy the sun. And no I’m not joining her in one of those chairs it’s only 10.30 in the morning, if I get comfy now we’ll never move. Ruthie, come on, get your skis on!

I know you are not great at getting on and of the ski chairs Ruthie, but we’re holding onto you.

Look another view Ruthie, you see why it’s worth the effort now? You can see down the valley towards Lac Leman, I know the rest of the world calls it Lake Geneva, whatever its name the view is good. Come on Ruthie we’ve got some skiing to do – hold on tight!

OK I know it’s not the first thing you think of when skiing, but crossing the bridge on skis is the only way we can get across this ravine, you can hear the rushing water of the Spring melt.

It’s a bit cool, the sun is deceptive isn’t it Ruthie, a bit more of a ski and we can stop again, come on Ruthie show us how you ski.

I know it’s a Red Piste Ruthie but hold on, I’m going extra slow and carefully, you are a precious passenger.

Ruthie, I promise I’ll put some turns in, I won’t head straight downhill we’ll go nice and gently. Besides I don’t want to fall again, I don’t want the xrays, sling and pain!!

Ok, ok, you want to rest up? How about these 2 magic words – Bar and Creperie?

See that’s better isn’t it! You know Ruthie, we’ve got to know these mountains pretty well this winter and this is one of our favourite places to stop – they do the best Crepes on the mountain and yes ok, just the one demi-pression.

I hope you have worked up an appetite these crepe are good and hearty.

I told you they were good and no you are not going to rest up here ALL day, we’ve got to get a move on, the snow is warming up now and it’s getting trickier. No Ruthie as much as you want to hitch a ride we are not going down the mountain in one of those, they are for emergencies and having a full stomach is not an emergency!

Come on girl get those ski’s on, we’ll do some gentle Blues after lunch, besides you need to work off that food!

Come on a bit more skiing and we’ll get you down the mountain safe and sound.

I tell you what let’s skip the last run down to the village and hop in a Bubble. No Ruthie not a literal bubble, it’s just what we call a Tele-cabine.

Yes I remember the beginning of the James Bond film where Jaws tries to climb up the cable and then try and tear the cable with his teeth. No I haven’t seen James Bond or his nemesis Jaws in resort – ever!

Don’t worry it’s fun, you get to see the village and across the mountains. I tell you what how about a quiet beer when we get back. What you want to go out and “expereince”  apres-ski? You are kidding now aren’t you Ruthie? Ruthie? We’ve got other trips planned. RUTHIE !!!

45 thoughts on “Flat Ruthie Goes Skiing

  1. Ahahahaaa, I am sharing this post with my friend Pam! She brought “Flat Christella” (a friend of hers from her work) to visit us and even took her to the races in Talladega! Love it! ~ Lynda

  2. Great post, Claire. I never tire of the views that surround you “up there.” I found that it’s not only fun hosting Flat Ruthie (she’s a real party girl!) but it’s also refreshing to see the world through the eyes of a Flat. ;)

    • You’re welcome Shimon, it was a lot of fun, if not rather ridiculous thing to do! and so much so we have a few more adventures planned!
      The beauty of skiing is to get up high and enjoy the views that you wouldn’t ordinarily see, that sense of space and beauty that is all around.

    • You’re very welcome Ruth, it was a fun if not slightly ridiculous thing to do! It’s only a shame that everyone had to suffer the view of my backside so much! It was only after we had taken the photos and videos that I realised there were none of me and Ruthie that didn’t involve a rear view!!

  3. ha ha, I am giggling – we had flat Ange at our bloggers Indaba. I think she would have much preferred being with you though on the slopes :)

    • I remember going acorss it for the first time and got the surpirse of my life! The track leading to the bridge can be a bit tricky and you come at it at speed and then when you get onto the bridge itself there are often large bumps of snow and well they can be a bit exciting to deal with!!
      Pleased you liked the dialogue, thank you :)

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  5. That Ruthie is one heck of a traveler (and skis so well, too–who knew??). All such great fun! But I must say (and you won’t be the least bit surprised at this, Claire) the crepe is of course what stole the show, not to mention my heart, my tastebuds . . . :)


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