Marcel Strikes Again

Remember meeting our new neighbour, Marcel?

He’s growing up fast. getting bigger, and cheekier. He sometimes pops in to see what we are up to, have a prowl around, or maybe find a scrap of paper that he can knock around our tiled floor.

The other day he popped in for a bit of R&R from the snow and cold. I was downloading photos and yes he just had to come and help me.

Hmm, what’s that

Ooo look it’s dangling down

I wonder, if I stare it out

No. Ok I’ll ignore it for a second

I bet I could

Jump up on it take it by surprise


Humph, it doesn’t move then

Oh well, you win some

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43 thoughts on “Marcel Strikes Again

    • Hi Lynda, he will definitely be staying here. He just pops round occaisionally and peers in at the window begging to come in and play for an hour here and there. He definitely knows where home is though as I never feed him (nor would I dream of it!)

  1. I’m surprised Marcel gave up so quickly. My cats would have batted that wire for ages before moving on to something else to bat around for a while. He certainly is a cute little guy, though.

  2. Oh dear, I won’t share your post with our cat, Max as he the jealous type. (And usually is sitting on my lap when I use my IPad). As Marcel is a charmer! What a nice furry friend for your winter trip.

  3. He just keeps getting more adorable, with those round innocent-pretending eyes and his sly little tricks! I’m sure I’d invite him in, too. He’s clearly more sociable now than earlier!


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