A Magic Balloon

Do you look up at the sky? I like to look at vapour trails, wondering where the plane and its passengers are off to. Sometimes there are beautiful cloud formations to wonder at. Other times, we have our heads placed firmly downwards, maybe its raining or its windy or we need to concentrate on where we are going.

And then there are days when you look up and you see Balloons.

I’d forgotten about ballooning in the mountains. Every year I see them, always on a bright clear day. The perfect conditions. Round the mountain a group, (what is the collective noun?) of balloons come into view. Sometimes they float on by, and around the next valley and mountain they go. Other times they will land in and around the village.

In fact last year someone (and their balloon) managed to land on our roof and got themselves thoroughly attached. But that was then.

This is the first big blue sky day where I saw the balloons cross the village. I was waiting at the bus stop, which doesn’t sound very romantic does it? But that was where I was. I’d spent the morning at the Medcine and arranging appointments for Physio and had had enough. Yes I was feeling pretty glum.  And then up there in the distance I could see them, every colour.

Seeing them from a distance they are graceful they float and glide.  It is only as they come nearer you can hear them, the flow of air being pumped into them to carry them up on a therm.

There’s one landed behind an apartment block, there’s another up the other side of the village, and look one is just passing the church.

But where is this one headed?  Who know’s. All I know was it was directly above me, with the sun shining through. And it was magic. My spirits were lifted along with it, up, up they soared. A Magic Balloon.

32 thoughts on “A Magic Balloon

  1. It’s nice to take the time in our busy day to smell the roses or watch the balloons drifting by and wondering where they’re going. :)

    Thank you for sharing this moment.

  2. I’ve always wanted to go up in a balloon, I have a brilliant photo of a red balloon that was flying overhead on a beautiful blue skied summer day last year, it made me so envious of the people who were up there :)

  3. I love, love, love hot air balloons and have flown above the earth in Africa, Europe and the U.S. Keep looking up, I may be in one of the balloons you see!

  4. So sad to hear you were feeling glum:( I always believe to this day that events like this are supposed to be some sort of sign… yours was a beautiful “flock” (?) of Balloons.. surely this is an uplifting and positive affirmation for you! Hope all is well! xo Smidge

    • Thank you, it was fairly momentary glum feeling, as I saw the balloons and got marvellously distracted. And by the time I got home (after chatting with the bus driver who was offering to stop the bus for me so I could take more photos) had a cup of tea, I had a plan for an afternoon walk. All of which brightened my spirits no end :) and thank you again. Claire

  5. We don’t get balloons flying overhead where we live. I’ve never actually seen one. But we do get the odd hang-glider. I would love to go ballooning. Not right around the world like some adventurers but definitely one of those sunrise rides where they serve you champagne when you’re thousands of feet about the ground and the sun is just beginning to rise. It seems such a magical way to travel.

    • Hang-gliders are amazing, I’m not sure I’d ever have the courage to go in one though! and oh the thought of a beautiful sunrise with a glass of champagne looking down on the world as it wakes up, I’m with you all the way :) Maybe one day ……

  6. i once stumbled upon an event where a number of balloons were “taking off” in the distance as we drove past. Such a sight! I think balloons are the Great Equalizer, appealing to the inner child that still resides within each of us.

  7. Balloons do have the power to levitate more than just themselves and their cargo. It’s hard to see them and *not* have spirits lifted as well. I do like when they’re near enough so you can hear that muffled roar of the jets inflating them. But most of all, their polka-dotting the sky with childlike color and simple sailing symmetries!


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