Simple Salmon Said

Everyone needs quick but tasty food. A meal for times you don’t have the energy let alone the inclination to spend ages preparing and cooking a good tasty meal. But something that is a bit special.

That’s a lot of boxes to tick!

In our case it’s apres-ski food that requires minimal effort, in my current state that means 1 handed cooking.

But more than that this meal is one of my favourites.

Smoked Salmon and Dill Spaghetti


Simple Salmon Said Spaghetti

Ingredients ~

Grab a pack of spaghetti, pick up some smoked salmon (the off-cuts are perfect for this), a pot of creme fraiche, garlic cloves, fresh dill and capers.

Method ~

  • Cook the spaghetti as per the instructions, I prefer it al-dente.
  • While its cooking chop a clove of garlic and 2 handfuls of dill, roughly chop or tear the salmon into small bite size pieces.
  • When the spaghetti is cooked, drain it and put it to one side.
  • In the pan add a dash of olive oil and on a low heat warm it  through then add the garlic, fry for a minute so it starts to release its flavour.
  • Now add a tablespoon of capers, mix in, then add a tablespoon of dill. Give it a stir.
  • Now add 2 – 3 tablespoons of creme fraiche and another stir.
  • Next put the salmon pieces into the pan, and give it all a gentle stir.
  • Add the spaghetti back into the pan, and give everything a good mix.
  • Sprinkle the remaining handful of dill into the dish.
  • Check for seasoning – a grind of black pepper is good.

Perfect with a glass of something chilled, dry and white

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38 thoughts on “Simple Salmon Said

    • I hope Maggie likes it :) To be honest I don’t eat much salmon these days, I guess living on the coast like I do means I go for more local fish. But I love a good salmon salad in the height of summer with fresh lettuce, cucumbers, beans and eggs.

  1. I just made a pasta with salmon dish last weekend. Next time, I’ll give yours a try. This is a fantastic dish and I love how the salmon brings a smoky element to the pasta. Yum!

    • You know John I was thinking of you when I wrote this recipe up – I was thinking about your fresh pasta, in comparison to shop bought dried stuff, and for a special meal how wonderful your pasta would be with these ingredients. And now I’m curious as to how you did your salmon and pasta! Tell All ! Pleeeeeaaase

  2. I believe this recipe is a cousin to the smoked salmon in lemon cream sauce that is our go-to pasta dish here. I’ll definitely do the capers-and-dill version myself, and soon. Richard is generally herb-resistant, so he’ll just get a plainer version and I can add the piquant delicacies to mine alone!!

      • It isn’t really even a recipe, to be honest–I just simmer a cup or so of heavy cream until it thickens enough for a sauce, finish some nice fettuccine (or other pasta noodles that have been cooking alongside) in it, add at least a half cup of coarsely crumbled smoked salmon, juice and zest a lemon into it, and season with some cracked black pepper and (if needed despite the salmon, which it often is because I’m a salt fiend) adjust with salt. That’s all there is to my “method”–if you could call it that. :)

        • Fantastic! To be honest my salmon and Dill recipe is a non-recipe too. Sometimes I omit things, other times I add them. But through posting my non-recipe I have your lemon and cream dish and John’s vodka version to try. Life is good :) Claire

    • Hi C, they and their owner are feeling a bit cranky today! Waiting for the next set of x-rays, trying hard not to sulk TOO much! Hard when a metre of snow is forecast this weekend. Think I may go home for a few days and potter in the garden, or just drool over my seeds :)

    • Pleased you like the capers. One of my favourite pizza’s is a basic pizza bread thin), lots of garlic and oil, some mozarella and plenty of capers. The capers cut through the heavy richness of the melted cheese!


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